Visibility Booster - Marketing Strategy Consulting

let me be your go-to Private advisor to strategize your Online Visibility by your Human Design

Just knowing your Human Design does not automatically change your business. So you may need a little more to implement this and align yourself with your Human Design experiment.

Often you do not need yet another training, course, or group coaching offer. Often instead of helping these programs can distract you and pull you into learning instead of getting clear while you are taking action.

All you want is to occasionally or regularly touch base with someone who SEES you, understands your Design, and has enough experience and expertise in the world of online visibility and marketing – when you need it.

And this is why I decided to offer you to get access to:

“Visibility Booster Consulting”!

Become MAGNETIC to your perfect clients!

The best client attraction secret out there has always been RIGHT HERE: YOU!!!
When we use your Human Design strengths and magnetism that you already possess, showing up, posting on Facebook, and calling in your ideal clients is EASY, because you are not trying to be someone else, using strategies that feel off and secretly hate marketing, because it makes you doubt yourself and get very little results.

When we work together I will help you identify consciously what attracts the right people to YOU, what you are “broadcasting” consistently and subconsciously, so we can use that in your actual messaging and position you in the way that is fully aligned with what they see and what you already are. We will work towards having the confidence & TRUST to show up in the way YOU choose, when you choose, how you choose, honouring who you are and still getting the results you desire.

Areas of expertise:

Personal Branding

Magnetic Brand Voice

Content Planning

Compelling Writing


Attracting Perfect People

Visibility Strategy

Networking by Design

Email Marketing Content Strategies

Strategy and guidance

Inside this offer, we will have one monthly call on Zoom, where we strategize and brainstorm ideas around what your immediate focus is on at the time.  

You also get direct access to me via Messenger, so you can leave me voice notes and questions when you need to get clear or run something by me. Sometimes you may just need to clarify something where you feel confused. Sometimes you may want to run by me a purchase of a tool or anything else that may have caught your eye, but you want to be sure you are not falling for it out of FOMO.

There are so many reasons you would want a coach on the other side of your message.

I will get back to you within 24 hours on the weekdays and the first thing on Monday (my time zone). As a Projector, I do not have the capacity to be at “beck and call”, but I always follow up with something I might “download” or help you find the immediate next step to take.  In fact, the more calm and rested I am the more value my insights are! This is how awesome it is to understand your own energetics.

The Human Design work that I’ve been doing with you for a while has been amazing in helping me clearly envision the what, the how, and the why of my marketing strategy. Gradually things seem to be falling into place and it is now more fun to do what I want to do to make it work for me and my clients.

Lianne Mogan-Sands

Embrace your Gusto, Certified WildFit Coach

“One thing I found working with Juliette already is that I am very happy to “own my stuff,” own my gifts. It is real, no BS.

Annita Keane

Prosperity Coach

Working with you has helped build structure into my posts, making me more consistent. I’m seeing results in engagement already and have been approached by WildFit headquarters with some great opportunities.

Kim Shennan

WildFit Coach

Private Consulting Packages

Currently, you can choose to work with me one-on-one for a course of three, six or twelve months.

My mission is to offer you inspiration, clarity, trust in yourself, your self-expression in your business and the way you are showing up to attract your ideal clients.

Europe based clients, please note: if you have a EU VAT registration number, you can apply it on the checkout and will be charged 0% VAT. 

“I would say Juliette helps me most with clarity and a pathway to the customers . I know what I want to do but you know what customers want / need me to do” 

Sinead Curren

Aligning with Automomy

Juliette is constantly underpromising and overdelivering, and it amazes me how much support (and timely feedback) she offers. She truly cares about the success of her clients! I am so grateful to be working together and be consistently inspired.” 

Geneviève Pépin

Productivity & Play Coach

“Juliette tries to understand what I mean and helps me with clarity coming from her strategic mindset. ” 

Jonas Goldt

Conscious Success Coach

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate