Communicating by Human Design Type

with Amber Leann Drake

Amber Leann Drake – Life and Success Coach – Communication Queen and a Sacral Generator 6/2 is here to tell us all about how we can speak to different energy types in our content. So based on the aura type we can give our audience members a chance to follow their strategy and Authority to respond (positively) to our offers and invitations. How cool is that? 

With her Life’s Work Gift being in the 53rd Gene Key (expansion), she catalyzes her clients into powerful self-expression and potent impact through the energy of expansion. Through providing next-level self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual support, Amber aids her clients in creating a life that truly feels good. She believes that the body already knows what is right for us and we are here to learn to listen.

As coaches and leaders, we are here to toss the old rules and embody what it looks like to live as heart-centered beings, standing fully in our truth and power.

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