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Visibility By Design

Imagine that marketing your business is not just easy, it is effectively attracting the perfect people, opportunities and material and fulfilment outcomes into your world.

Empowering, allowing you to show up in your full magnetic power… This is what aligning your business strategies with your Human Design can do.

I help my visibility coaching clients to discover, embody and align their design (and the design of their business) with their marketing strategies, supercharging their messaging and opening their unique money-making channels. As a marketer with over 3 decades experience building visibility for smaller sized brands and projects, I understand exactly what is essential and what is “nice to have” stuff that only adds busy-ness to your plate!

In other words, adding Human design to our Marketing strategies, you can work towards feeling safety and security in your business, having a deep core understanding of your strength by design that attract people into your business and your world.

Become MAGNETIC to your perfect clients!

The best client attraction secret out there has always been RIGHT HERE: YOU!!!
When we use your Human Design strengths and magnetism that you already possess, showing up, posting on Facebook, and calling in your ideal clients is EASY, because you are not trying to be someone else, using strategies that feel off and secretly hate marketing, because it makes you doubt yourself and get very little results.

When we work together I will help you identify consciously what attracts the right people to YOU, what you are “broadcasting” consistently and subconsciously, so we can use that in your actual messaging and position you in the way that is fully aligned with what they see and what you already are. We will work towards having the confidence & TRUST to show up in the way YOU choose, when you choose, how you choose, honouring who you are and still getting the results you desire.

Get CLEAR Vision & Create A Roadmap

There are two elements underpinning SUCCESS in marketing your business. Firs is CLARITY because it makes you feel safer and more secure when you implement your strategy. It is the lack of clarity that is keeping us stuck, it is being unsure of some core details that make us feel insecure, it is not knowing what your “toolbox” of true and powerful gifts already has that makes you feel unsafe to go live or create content for Facebook, your blog and beyond.

Together we will create the Roadmap that feels aligned for the specific goals you want to reach. And we will make sure setting those goals fits your design also because if it is done wrong you will just feel paralyzed and won’t take action. My mission is to empower you with everything your design plus my experience of over two decades building visibility for businesses and brands, so you can TAKE ACTION and feel SUCCESSFUL!

Private Coaching

Currently, you can choose to work with me one-on-one for a course of 3, 8 or 16 weeks. All private packages include complimentary membership inside my Visibility That Sells Accelerator Program where you can get support implementing the strategies we devise during your personalised coaching, we have weekly systems which guarantee you get into action and don’t just get stuck in self-discovery mode.

My mission is to offer you inspiration, clarity, trust in yourself, your self-expression in your business and the way you are showing up on Facebook and beyond to attract your ideal clients.

The Process:

First, we look at your Human Design chart to figure out the treasures your design holds when it comes to:

  • showing up,
  • finding your brand voice,
  • your title or tagline,
  • creating content,
  • deciding on your niche,
  • deciding on the best way for showing up.

Following that, we are going to work through your strengths and what attracts clients to you based on your Human Design. Then, we can create the implementation strategy that communicates so powerfully, it converts scrollers into followers, and followers into clients at EASE.

The packages are tailor-made, if you are drawn to working with me and you are happy with the duration and the prices on the package (options listed below), I would encourage you to apply for a non-obligation discovery call.

Please note, I do not offer private coaching to people I have not yet guided in a different capacity. The best place to start if you have NOT yet worked with me is to order your Marketing Blueprint By Design™ here.

The package will be tailored to your specific needs,
we will address different areas, which we will determine on our
no-obligation discovery call, should you decide to apply.

3 Week “Discover Your Way” Package

We will work on getting clarity on your core offers, the tone and rhythms of your promotion based on your Human Design chart and the content that reflects your unique magnetism in action. 

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3x weekly 90-minute private clarity & strategy sessions on Zoom
60-day access to voice messages on Voxer or Messenger (after the first session)

Optional: 2-month free access to Visibility That Sells Accelerator (optional extension at a discounted rate to extend membership beyond the 2 months or cancel any time before the next charge)

€ 1200

8-Week “Build Your Systems” Package

Dive deeper into discovering, aligning and implementing your unique marketing strategy with my mentorship and advice with tech and re-alignment with your true self strategy.

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– 8 x weekly 60-minute private clarity & strategy sessions on Zoom
– 8-week access by voice messages on Voxer or Messenger (starts after the first session)

OPTIONAL 4-month free access to Visibility That Sells Accelerator (optional extension at a discounted rate to extend membership beyond the 6 months or cancel any time before the next charge)

€ 2200

12-Week “Embrace The New Way” Package

**most effective long-term**
Full immersive strategising and coaching package including tech and content guidance, so you can realign your systems in line to support your unique flow.

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– 12x weekly 60 minute clarity & strategy calls
– 16-week access by voice messages on Voxer or Messenger 

OPTIONAL 6-month free access to Visibility That Sells Accelerator (optional extension at a discounted rate to extend membership beyond the 9 months or cancel any time before the next charge)

€ 3000

The Human Design work that I’ve been doing with you for a while has been amazing in helping me clearly envision the what, the how, and the why of my marketing strategy. Gradually things seem to be falling into place and it is now more fun to do what I want to do to make it work for me and my clients.

Lianne Mogan-Sands

Embrace your Gusto, Certified WildFit Coach

Areas of expertise:

Personal Branding

Magnetic Brand Voice

Content Planning

Compelling Writing


Attracting Perfect People

Visibility Strategy

Networking by Design

Email Marketing Content Strategies

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In this FREE two-part training you will learn about your energy type, it’s influence and interaction with others and how to use it for your benefit in business and marketing. We will also look at your Brand by Design – how you could show up in the most naturally aligned for your energetics style, the constant you can create to activate your Magnetism and attract clients.

Visibility That Sells Accelerator

An intimate group of inspired experts, coaches , service providers and simply entrepreneurs with a calling to be SEEN and RECOGNISED for who they are: the Guides, the Way-showers. This is a space for you to keep yourself on track and practice leaning into your unique inner guidance for client attraction.

Marketing Blueprint By Design™

Order your personalised marketing strategy report based on your Human Design type, authority, profile and lots of more vital details. This is a comprehensive, but extremely practical guide to act as a compass for realigning your marketing with your true nature.

Invite Juliette To Speak To Your Audience

Do you want to wow your audience with expert trainings, podcast interviews, livestreams – whatever is your channel, my guest appearance will fuel your audience with energy of excitement, engagement and eagerness for more!

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate