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Your Go-To TOOLBOX for generating leads and clients with your personal profile on Facebook effectively and without overwhelm – done in only 30 minutes a day

Grab 1333+ social media content ideas, daily action plan+tracker, messenger conversation starters, live video prep/script template PDF printables

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“Juliette has created something that will change your content game immediately. No more wondering around, no more confusion and overwhelm. This guide will help you to know exactly what to post in order to deepen your relationship with your audience and convert your content to sales. It is also very easy structured. It will be great fit either you are just starting out or you are seasoned entrepreneur. Love it!”

Guna Meldere

Brand Stylist

“I’m loving the checklist and the planner inside the Kit- all ready to go, that I can use as is or brainstrorm and edit for what I need.

Gloria Ochoa

Glo411 the Digital Media Wrangler

“After struggling for results with other coaches, I closed 2 high-ticket clients within 2 weeks using Juliette’s strategies. She has this incredible ability of shifting the focus to exactly where it needs to be to pull results. What she gave me, will sustain and grow my business forever.”

Lynn Silva

MicroVideo Online

-What you get-


Facebook organic marketing secrets:


Facebook profile optimisation Checklist:

  • Turn Your Personal profile into Client Attraction Machine 
  • Eliminate the non-essentials what repels leads and have those juicy teasers that make them think ” Hmmm, this is interesting, I need to follow this one!
  • Help start your client journey at “hello”

VISIBILITY THAT SELLS Daily action plan :

  • Simple but highly impactful, client-generating Daily Activities 
  • Achieve your biggest visibility goals in just 20 minutes a day 
  • This is a long term strategy that is highly effective when done consistently overtime. Create a daily visibility habit that will attract your ideal people into your funnels day after day! This is why it comes with a monthly Action Tracker to print and fill to see your progress.

3 messenger conversation starter ideas you will ever need:

  • No more holding back wondering how to open a private conversation
  • Leave them impressed by creating an authentic connection from the start
  • Remove the pressure to convert a cold lead. The right ones will come to you if you follow my strategy (instructions included)

Effective Live Video Preparation/screept sheet:

  • No more blank mind moments on your lives!
  • Prepare the most important elements for attention-grabbing, highly valuable piece of video content with EASE!
  • Use the printable to keep you on track with the points you need to cover and, most importantly: CALL TO ACTION!

plus your are getting:


Content To Leads™ Planner (Value €197):

  • 156 Ideas for your Facebook page videos & long value posts
  • Build your content library that convers
  • Add instant Authority to your expert status with writing articles for online publications
  • Three weekly prompts highly customisable to any Personal Brand and any industry.
  • Includes 60 min repurposing strategy that will get you seen everywhere and save you hours producing content.

Effective Live Video Checklist(Value €97):

  • Vital equipment tips to keep you sane when tech is involved
  • Step by step instructions on how to structure your lives for maximum interaction
  • Intro- Main part- Outro: all most important things to say explained, so you can create more engagement and interaction on your videos
  • Preparation/script sheet you can print out and use for referring during your livestream.

Wait, there’s more! BONUSES:


Bonus 1: 855 Engagement Booster Questions (Value €197):

  • Create meaningful discussions and get extra reach and engagement on Facebook
  • Powerful way to stay “social” and build an authentic connection with your audience
  • Break the ice and engage with new leads in a way that in unignorable.

222 Catchy Titles To Rock your Social Media Content (Value €97):

  • Grab attention instantly in a busy Newsfeed
  • Can be used as titles for your videos, opening lines for your storytelling posts, even as subject lines to your newsletters.
  • Use these title ideas and your posts will no longer be IGNORABLE. (Especially by those perfect people in your audience who can become your ideal clients in the near future!)

yours for $197
NOW only $37

Here is why it should be sold for 10x+ more: even if you get just one client who pays you, say, even something small - let's say $379 - using my strategies, you have already got your ROI on this offer more than ten times.

The truth is that if you apply these tools to your own marketing strategy (regardless of what Human Design type you are, these are highly adjustable to your content creation and your voice), you will be able to attract and convert multiple ideal clients leads. Without spending hours online or feeling confused about what to post.


Visibility is a marathon, not a sprint. A small step at a time brings you to your destination faster than huge leaps followed by long spells of inaction.

But here is the SECRET: It is so simple, most people do not even give it enough attention. And so they keep looking for some sort of complicated way. Because they feel that a huge success MUST be hard to achieve.


I have been there to...

And after trying everything out there and investing an insane amount of money on courses, books and coaching, I really see through the noise. And this is what I put together inside this kit.

Show up as HUMAN + share your VALUE + make CONNECTIONS

It is a simple but such powerful concept. You get to remain you (and not try to bend backwards trying to be something you "should be")

Being YOU sells more than you know now! I will help you embrace it in the most effective way (without losing your privacy, getting frustrated or spending all day on Facebook). Plus the way I set the kit up is that you get to have support as you are learning my strategies, so you will not have to do it all on your own.

Ready to start?

"Juliette has delivered what is in my opinion the BEST collection of tools for lead generation. Why? Because its simple, its step-by-step (just do 30-45 minutes a day) and its fun to do, making my brand magnetic to new, better leads !"

Matthew Moody

Grand Master at League of Extraordinary Investors

"These content ideas are amazing ! I always struggled to come up something new to post about. Juliette's content ideas saved me tons of time and made everything much easier!"

Bori Bojthe

Bori Bojthe Photography

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate