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by | Dec 7, 2021

Today I came across an idea that has struck me to my core. The idea that resonated so deeply with me – I instantly knew that this is one of the best ways to empower oneself in their business.

Let’s look at it from a personal perspective – WHY do we start our businesses? What specifically makes us register ourselves and start figuring the whole client attraction puzzle?


How My Coaching Business Was Born

Before I reveal that mind-blowing idea, bear with me as I tell you my own story…

In my personal journey, it was somewhat an awakening. About 6-8 months before, I started feeling the need to “share an important message”. I had vague visions of speaking on video, I had no idea what I was saying exactly, but I felt the strongest calling to be that speaker.

That same year, as I turned 40, I dove deeper into personal development, and as it happens during those self-discovery times, the right community came into my life. It was a community focused on building habits and challenging our comfort zone.

Nothing to do with business or marketing. It was just something we did for ourselves. One of the challenges we did was a seven-day live video challenge.

This was the very first time I did a live video, even though I was always an avid family videographer (and video producer/editor and promoter within the family circles). I even starred as a host of product showcase videos we did for a wetsuit company I was helping to market online in my digital marketing agency (my first business direction – I now refer to it as my”old life”). I had never worn a wetsuit, and I felt awfully like a fraud talking about them. I kept getting tongue-tied and had to read off a script one sentence at a time. The playback made me cringe. It was just NOT me at all…

So when we started going live in that group, we were asked to talk about the easiest topics there are: ourselves.

Who we are. Our biggest life lessons. Books that inspire us. Our goals for the year.

I do not even remember my very first video, but I remember the second one. I shared how watching my sister-in-law losing her independence and the ability to make choices and decisions in life over two years before the motor-neurone disease claimed her life was the biggest lesson about making bold moves and following my intuition more in life. And that video when I watched it back was POWERFUL.

Even to me.

In fact, I still watch all my videos back, as if it is not even me speaking, it is a fantastic exercise that helped me accept and, over time, improve the way I present myself and the fluency of which I talk on just about any topic (as long as I am into it, of course).

After the seven days of livestreaming came to an end, we were challenged with another task. To choose one activity and stick to it for the next 30-days. That was when I decided to start my own 30-day live streaming challenge that CHANGED my life.

I will not go deep into the story that was lifechanging and the horrendous cancer diagnosis my husband received (that was day 3 of my live video challenge. I admit, the next day I posted a link to the song that pulled me through, but it is a story that deserves a separate time and place).

In short, I received a huge kick in the backside.
One of those that can either knock you down and break your neck. Or propel you forward towards your dreams, and I am not the kind to easily fall on my face when I have a choice. And even though to the world it may seem that there was no choice, I decided to choose to focus on my dreams, the future and the time when my hubby is healthy again, and all things that made him unhealthy are no longer our reality.

Spoiler alert, it IS my reality today!

So I carried on, and by the end of the 30 days, I had built a following of people who were passionately looking forward to my videos every day, who reached out to me with gratitude for inspiring them, empowering them, being there for them.

And then I knew that I AM that speaker I saw in the visions. Not literally, but that is the power I possess. And my pragmatic side said to me, “Juliette, this is the visibility that you have been building for the projects and clients since the early 2000s. THIS TIME it is definitely something even more powerful – here to serve YOU.”

And that is when I decided to start pivoting my business from a “behind the scenes” builder to a guide. From living like a Generator (which I am not) to becoming a Guide to others – A Projector, which is what I was born to be in my human life.

And here above is the official day when I made that announcement, so in a way, I have the exact date and time when my coaching business became official. And this brings me back to where I started. The idea that affected me so deeply today.

The idea that I want to talk about to all my clients, because it is so empowering when it comes to an understanding of your own business (let’s be frank, most of us do not actually understand our business with full clarity. Or even at all, which was my case for a while.

This is why we doubt our offers, our niches, our ways.

And I am here to address anything that is of misalignment (Gate 18.3 in Conscious Mercury, with line 3 making it a bit of an obsession). And not being empowered by the business we were so excited to start is a form of misalignment I am on a mission to cover in my coaching (of those who invite me to guide them, of course!)

Let me share this idea with you. Your business has a design too, and you can create a chart for it and see what it is bringing to the table.

Perhaps it will just confirm certain things you consciously practice already. Perhaps it will explain certain things you self-shamed yourself about (such an ungrateful waste of our time and energy, I am so over surrendering to self-shaming, people!)

Disclaimer: this is not an official Human Design teaching, in fact, I never heard of it until today. And then I jumped right into the idea because it called me SO LOUDLY, and I will never look back. At the end of the day, the original concepts of the Human Design system were merely a “download” one human out there once had. In this case, someone else had a download, and I just accepted the invitation to explore it.

How to find out your business design. Think about when your business felt official to you. You can even intuitively try and guess the time of the day. And enter it into any bodygraph software of your choosing as a date, time and place of its “birth”.

I used the date and time of this post because energetically, that was when I was ready to shout about it from the rooftops (virtual, of course). Here is what I found out. But first let me show you my own Human Design chart.

My own Design

I am a Splenic Projector 1/3 with RAX of Consciousness 3.

I am here to guide those who recognise my gifts and are open to receiving my laser focus intuitive guidance. I have a knack for making everything more efficient and easy for them, aligning what is out of alignment (this is why I am so good at content audits). My personal energy is inconsistent, so as a Classic Projector, I need to honour that inconsistency and allow myself time alone to recharge.

My 1/3 profile makes me a treasure trove of knowledge of the deep core of any topic I get drawn to, form my own unique perception of it in the way that feels safe and secure, and I follow my boldness to test and try things out to truly learn what is incorrect, not working, or perhaps only feels good at the start.

My RAX (Right Angle Cross) of Consciousness 3  means that I am here to transform my mental pressure to figure things out and communicate effectively to others, turning them into followers. Not everyone can push forward ideas to lead, but apparently (and truly) I have the energetic design to do so.

I am infectious when I speak about those topics. I am so knowledgeable AND powerful in that enthusiasm that I can make people feel that they can achieve more ease and happiness. (16/48 Channel of Wavelength)

Also, I can guide them to it because I have a gift of clarity and precision when I share my logical mental processes. (04/63 Channel of Logic)

It is very empowering even to write these statements down and then read out loud. It is giving the permission to truly own your gifts and strength to show up in the most authentic way, not holding it back. OR in case of Projectors it allows us to allow the idea that we are here to KNOW and BE, but not DO.

However, as I said below the statement that we are not our businesses struck me today. And I was thinking how the way I show up in my business is very different from the way I show up in my personal life. My online visibility is super consistent and always have been, even though in my personal life I have nonexistent social life and definitely do not stay in touch with people (not intentionally, it just the way I am). In my business my voice is strong and I express opinions that can go against the traditional perception, but in my personal life I do not like confrontations and often prefer to say nothing or “agree to disagree”.

So why is my online visibility so different from my personal visibility? Let’s have a look what my Business Design brings to the table.

My Business Design

 The business I started in 2012 is an Emotional Generator 5/1 – and that is where it becomes very interesting.

The defined Solar Plexus that gives me this Emotional Authority definitely doesn’t hold me back when I feel like anything I say in my posts, and video may rock the boat. I do admit that I am not as strong in expressing myself in personal relationships.

LAX (Left Angle Cross) of Dedication is about repeating the same explanation over and over again. Which is a great basis for teaching. Through teaching I can fulfill the burning desire to repeat the same thing over and over again, perhaps over time clarifying my message through its retelling. (The story of my business messaging) The dedication I have to explanation is the gift I bring to this lifetime. (Plus, the “Top Gun” level of depth: this falls into a Quarter of Civilization, which is the world of manifestation, where mind is concretized into form. Which, how I see it in my case, turns my messaging into revenue..)

Line 5, as my conscious line (what I feel), is very much about saving the day, creating solutions on the go, and it comes with assumptions and expectations, both people expecting or assuming something of me and I am of them. The line 1, I was so excited to see, this is my personal conscious line of an investigator, and in my business, I am so good at researching the ways to create those solutions, I always get to the core of the specific issue.

In terms of content, this also gives me a few extra ideas that I can explore, although it definitely proves that sharing what I am learning, even as I am learning it is one of the powerful and very attractive ways for someone like me to create content around. Profile lines hold so many goodies when it comes to finding your brand, your voice. Your freedom to be yourself and not try to always show up as a super polished, unapproachable guru.

And the Generator gives my business the life force to be super consistent. I often wondered HOW am I able to seem consistent with my social media visibility even when I felt like I had been hibernating for weeks at a time (usually following a burnout testing a trying yet another misaligned launch strategy). But that is how I learn, right?

At the same time my personal design had been the cause of the inconsistent launches, underpricing my offers and changing my direction a lot. Because obviously a lot of business decisions still connect deeply to our personal issues when it comes to self-worth and self-value.

One more interesting observation. The Generator is a Builder, energetically speaking. I have always loved those “building” elements in my business: web design, video editing, photo post-production. Building funnels. I might not enjoy building for others these days, and I do not offer it in my business, but I still build everything in my own business and not only it is super easy for me, but I also LOVE it too.

The last big reflection on my business design, for now, is 23 – 43 – a channel of Structuring. It is about developing speech skills to reach the audience, and because this is a projector channel, patience to wait for recognition, so they have an audience that is ready to hear what they have to say. This pretty much says to me “focus on attraction marketing”. Which was my jam ever since I started!

How more perfectly can this business fit into my personal design?

If you are interested in looking deeper into your Visibility by Design and seeing how your own chart and optionally, if you know the date and time, the business chart can open up massive opportunities for marketing and growing it in the way that feels aligned and brings results when practising this aligned way overtime, check out one of my private coaching packages here, and let’s get started!

Juliette Stapleton

Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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