Client Attraction Secrets

If you want your clients to see you as a go-to expert, you will need to show them some proof. In my blog I will help you with ideas how you can share your expertise and position yourself in the most attractive, micro-celebrity style light, that will make your clients feel honoured to have you on board. All using organic marketing on Facebook with a sprinkle of publicity.
A warning, this is where I can occasionally get personal!

How I discovered I Am A Writer

Just like doing video, writing has not been the most obvious gift to me at the start, especially since English is only my second language.
I did not feel “good enough” to “deserve” to write…

Yet, as I began sharing my stories on Facebook I soon saw that they attracted the best within my audience, and really helped connect on a deeper level, bringing more ideal clients into my business and ideal people into my life.

As my confidence grew, so did my visibility as writing became one of my main visibility tools. You can now come across my work in some of the most prominent large online publications such as Entrepreneur.comInfluencive, Addicted2SuccessBusiness 2 Community.

I am an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine,  I have written for YFS MagazineElephant JournalFunnel MagazineMedium, Thrive Global & so many more.

In 2020 I have been featured in Forbes and nominated for Brainz 500 Global Awards for my dedication to help others be visible.

All because when I started building my visibility online I discovered, I LOVE writing, and happen to be pretty good at it!