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What to expect:

This show is PRE-RECORDED on Zoom as a VIDEO (so please get camera-ready).

This show is targeting action-driven coaches & expertes, predominantly female 35+ to empower, educate and enable them to attract more clients and opportunities using online marketing. You will be expected to share some practical expert strategies that can help them on their journey. These could be practical steps or mindset shifts required, depending on your area of expertise.

Please keep the information you share more about the strategies and less about your personal story.

You will be able to offer a free gift at the end.Please do not promote time-sensitive or paid offers as the content of the show may be reused over time. If you wish to promote a paid offer, please discuss affiliate opportunities with Juliette first.

When Is it Released:

Your episode will be released within a few weeks. The video goes up to YouTube and premieres on Juliette Stapleton Facebook page and also released as a Show Up! Stand Out! podcast episode, which is available on a variety of leading podcasting platforms. You will be notified of the release date in advance and it will be highly appreciated and encourage to share the Facebook video version with your audience on Facebook. 

What’s Next?

Make sure you are in a position to fill some required information and upload a headshot for your episode promotion BEFORE you pick the date. If not, please come back when you can do it all during the booking.

If you have everything available now, please proceed below.

NB! If the times below are completely unsuitable due to time zone difference, let me know directly and we will try and arrange something. (I am currently located in Europe GMT+3).

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