Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About GETTING CLIENTS ONLINE

by | May 9, 2018

One of the most common complaints in the online marketing world is this: ” I cannot get my audience to buy from me’.

It is an issue that holds back, confuses and even breaks so many startup online marketers, but is it really that difficult to sell online? My personal experience tells me that it is actually quite easy, but the recipe for success requires a few essential ingredients to work. My advice is perfect for anyone who is building their online visibility through their Personal Brand: coaches, consultants, healers, service providers, network marketers, photographers, designers, the list goes on. If your face represents your business, read on and take notes!

Know Your Ideal Client

If you are not 100% clear on who your target audience is, you are simply wasting your time. In fact let’s take it deeper. If you are not 100% clear on the actual person who could be an ideal client for each one of your products or services – you are simply wasting your time.

Well, maybe not, if you are trying to figure it out while focusing on building an audience and not actual sales. However, even if you had the largest audience in the world, but none of the people in it would fit your ideal client avatar, you will still be making no sales.

If you already have clients that you absolutely love working with and getting amazing results, start basing your ideal client avatar on these actual people, their stories, their habits, their strength and insecurities, their habits and personality traits. Often business owners are so confused about trying to figure out who their ideal client is, they stop seeing what is literally in front of them already! Our existing clients give us a chance to get clear who you want to work with and who you do not want to attract also!

If you have no clients in this business, start booking connection calls with anyone who is remotely excited about what you do. These are not discovery calls where you talk about working together; these are your best marketing research calls. I like using Zoom, as it allows me to record the calls and later play back the recording to analyse two things: The needs and the language used to describe those needs.

Ask questions.

In both cases create a note in your Evernote app or a Google Sheet (or simply use a notebook & a pen) and record the exact words and expressions these people use. This will be your go-to copywriting bank for the language to use in all your materials to appeal to this kind of people.

Never be afraid of excluding someone from your ideal client avatar and missing out. “Attract the best and repel the rest” should be your mojo!

Trust me, poorly chosen clients are the main source of stress and overwhelm in business. You can easily avoid it by picking only people working with who will leave both sides excited, happy and able to create fantastic results together.

Tailor Your Offer To Those IDEAL Clients’ NEEDS

Sometimes we get so caught up in our knowledge, we speak the language of our industry to people who need our help but have no idea what we are talking about. So what essentially is the same service, when presented in the language they don’t understand, will not react or need to hire you. Rephrase the same offer using the words and phrases they use (even if it seems shocking to you at times), and you will see the eyes light up and the only answer to your proposals will be a YES!

If you are building an audience on Facebook, and you have created and growing your Facebook group, here is an amazing way of getting that information from your new members. Use the “Ask Questions” options in the Group Settings.

There are three questions that you can ask. It is a great screening tool. You might want t ask people about their goals, or what stops them from achieving success. (Don’t ask them what they want to learn, this is a question a lot of people do not know the real answer to!)

One of those questions can be even used to build your email list by offering a free gift or a download in return for the email address. Just make sure you specifically explain that the email address will be used for future marketing purpose, and perhaps use a double opt-in option in your email list, to comply with GDPR!

One word of warning. These questions are optional, and Facebook does not collect the data in the answers. It doesn’t even save anywhere, so you need to make sure you take a note or copy and paste these answers into a Google Sheet.

If your group is growing rapidly, you probably need a little help with that, as it will take you too long to store those answers manually. I am using a service called Group Funnels, which allows me to record the answers into the Google Sheet and then I can connect the Google Sheet to my Active Campaign email marketing account and subscribe them to one of my automation sequences.

This solution is terrific, as I can see at a glance how I can present my coaching offers to people in my group, using their own words and getting an amazing response to my sales pitches.

Connection over conversion.

When you learn who you target and what language they use, you start positioning yourself and your offers using these findings.

Create content that shift the beliefs and “prepares” your leads to work with you, so they already have the right mindset when they come to you. Address most frequest questions, especially based around any objections to your methods, and give a details explanations why and how it really works, based on your experience and client cases.

The best way to approach content creation is to create a content plan based around your offer and try not to dilute it too much with other things you know or passionate about within your expertese. Often we are so multi-passionate. For example, I know just as much about designing and managing WordPress websites as I do about organic marketing on Facebook, but since the offers in business are based around organic marketing, I stopped talkign about the website design related topics as they just confused my readers about what I ACTUALLY do inside my programs. With so much noise online, we really need to stick to that “One Thing” we want to be known for (and hired for). 

Make Offers & Invitations

While you create content around your offer (to presell all the necessary information to your ideal clients before they even get to talk to you about working together) you must make sure you are also inviting people to work with you quite regularly. The best way to do it is to add one stand alone “invitation” style post to your social media and email marketing plan.  For example, you can make such post once a week on Facebook and about once a month as an email campaign to your list.In such post you need to describe with great clarity who would make an ideal candidate for your offer, what they should already know/have/do in order to get the best results. You should then describe your process or method focusing on outcomes of each major part/step.

Click here to see an example of such post. Also keep in mind that since the call to action here to to send a private message, these posts are not getting much obvious engagement, and it is absolutely normal as people who are interested simply message me to have a quick chat and start the program.

It takes time and consistency, but this is the recipe that works for selling online authentically.

Spend 90 days marketing your offers this way, and not only you will see a huge difference in your online sales, but you will also feel powerful and fulfilled while helping your new clients.

If you want my help there are two ways. Check out some of the ways I can guide you in the footer below.

Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

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She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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