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Marketing Blueprint By Design™


Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is your go-to compass for re-aligning your marketing style, copywriting, messaging, niching up or down, the style of your showing up to who you essentially are – underneath all the noise you may have consumed and failed attempts at implementing the advice that you got, which may have worked perfectly for your coach, but left you feeling depleted, unsure and without results.

In this report, you will get personalised recommendations on how you can:

– decide on a comfortable for you marketing style (consistency, strategy) so you can honour your energy levels and don’t feel overwhelm and experience massive burnout as you lean more and more in the rhythms of your personal pace.

– what tone and angle can make your content (social media posts, blog articles, podcast episodes and video appearances) MAGNETIC to your audience without you trying to be something you are not.

should you host a Facebook group (or other community) or not

– should your title and tagline be specific or not (niching)

what clients feel when they work with you (based on your Human Design), what is your Life’s work and strengths by design and how you can weave this into your messaging

and so much more, these are just to give you freedom from confusion and the “shoulds” what hold so many of us back, and that your Marketing Blueprint By Design can solve for you.


Ready to order your Marketing By Design Blueprint™ ?

The report will take up to 14 days to develop and deliver, and if you opt for a Zoom session for an in-person walkthrough I will send you a link to book the call when the report is ready. 

Visibility is not a sprint…
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