Who am I?
(The Official “Speal”)

Internationally known as a Visibility That Sells strategist, I am a consultant, coach, host of the Show Up! Stand Out! podcast, and a thought-leader on a mission to connect experts, coaches, and course creators to more and better clients using organic marketing and publicity.

Since I have started my entrepreneurial journey in 2012, I helped thousands of students and clients from more than 30 countries reach millions and make millions with EASE, using my signature V.A.L.U.E. visibility system: a simple, but powerful strategy based on showing up with integrity and creating a ripple effect of influence through personal connection and thought-leadership.

I have been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live.

I am a regular panelist on one of the longest running social media news podcasts, Social Chatter.

I am an active contributor to world leading online publications, such as Entrepreneur, Influencive and Addicted2Success, Brainz Magazine and many more.

I live in a beautiful medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia with my award-winning music producer husband, a theoretical physics “walking brain” daughter and an “energetic tornado” puppy.

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Marketing By Your TRUE Design
(The real Juliette)

As a person, I am most grateful for my ability to create extraordinary connections with my clients who feel deeply SEEN and HEARD. Tears of joy has been shed on both sides of Zoom screens many a time.

I will not promise you or help create 20K in 4 weeks. It is possible if you are already at a consistent level in your coaching/consulting  business where you charge high ticket fees for your services. You may only need just one more client to make it happen.

But it is not fair to push everyone chasing numbers when half of the world does not operate well with specific goals. I want to help you discover the client attraction method that is unique to YOU (even if it goes against the “shoulds” and guru advice we all are bombarded with on an hourly basis online, especially on social media).

If I had to describe my coaching I would use the words of a fellow coach Alexandra Danielli, before I find a better way to put it. In my business, I apply everything that I have learned, combined with everything that intuitively comes through as a tool or solution, for your benefit and benefit of all.

My genius is in intuitive knowing what can work best for you because my gift is to realign what is out of alignment. And I am really great at that, especially with audits and evaluating your systems to make them more efficient  – Gate 18.3 in Mercury.

And this is why I work with you closely in my intimate membership groups or one-on-one as it helps me SEE you and CONNECT the KNOWING that comes to me with your VISION.



Me and Human Design In Marketing & life

The biggest impact in my personal growth was discovering the concept of Human Design a couple of years ago.

It is simply about finding your “default setting” the way you are made and therefore a complete permission to be you (in plain English: have an easy life).

As we are brought up with a lot of incorrect conditioning by society, schools, parents, we are paralyzed by having to do things that are often so against our human design. Particularly in marketing. There is too much pressure on busy-ness and cookie-cutter strategies that simply do not work for most if not all of those who try to implement them (except for the creators, because it was aligned with who they are and that is why they got the results they got).

Here is a little post I wrote about how my Human Design affects my life and my business.

Finding what works for YOU, because it is aligned and true to your nature is KEY to successfully run your business, and your life WITH EASE.

I was always drawn to this idea. My first company was called EZ Marketing (pronounced EE-ZEE). Marketing can be easy. You do not HAVE to work “hard” (especially if you are  Projector, like me, but I believe it applies to all types.) When you create content and focus on what it is EASY to you (because it is natural, brings joy and makes you magnetic to your ideal clients) it never feels like hard work.

Falling into your Human Design is a journey, and so is building Visibility That Sells. I love marrying these two to make sure the journey of getting there feels as fulfilling as achieving the end results, and allowing the time to take what it needs (and beyond your control) without stress and overwhelm.

If you are curious, here is my Human Design chart below. I am not a Human Design expert or coach, but knowing my clients design definitely helps me fine tune the specific strategies we develop for them when we work together. If you feel a pull towards me and what I am saying, feel free to invite me to guide you and, if it feels right, we can find the best container for working together or collaborate on a podcast or an expert training for your audience.

“Juliette helps me see possibilities for things that I struggle sometimes to see the connections on my own – and then suggest easy ways to implement them.

Davina Nichols

Holistic Habits Coach

I get a lot of clarity and result driven focused strategy. ??

Jane Jones

Mindshift Expert

“Juliette tries to understand what I mean and helps me with clarity coming from her strategic mindset. ” 

Jonas Goldt

Conscious Success Coach

“I love how Juliette listens to what our needs are and then gives feedback that is filled with clarity and logic but always with compassion.” 

Sharyn Wilding

A Beautiful Human Way Foundation