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Hi, I’m Juliette Stapleton and I am a Visibility Strategist for coaches, experts, course creators and online marketers who want to get more recognition and attract more clients without overwhelm.

Here is the truth- starting your coaching business and attracting clients is NOT a quick or easy task. Anyone promising you quick results may not give you the whole thruth. But when you KNOW it will take time and effort, when you are READY to do whatever it is necessary to succeed, when you TRUST your journey of figuring out your most effective marketing style, your voice, your own pace and your own winning strategy (which takes TIME!) – then you are in the right place.

My role here is to INSPIRE & GUIDE you to create the Visibility That Sells – the kind of visibility where your content and your presence is simply magnetic to those you can help the most (we cal them your ideal client),  it helps pre-qualify, clarify and literally pre-sell the SEEKERS on YOU as their only choice for creating true transformations in their lives. Whichever beautiful form it is that your coaching or expertese makes it happen!

You may be at the start of a long journey, but if you persevere, it may turn out to be the most exciting and empowering one too. I will show you the strategies to stay on track, create content that speaks to your people confidently and clearly, and position your as the go-to name for that “thing” that you do – competition-free! 

Are you excited? 


Let me guide you:

Visibility That Sells Accelerator

If you already have a plan of action (perhaps after our Content To leads intensive) and you are ready to get stuck in and make a lasting change in your business, but fail to rely on your own discipline and consistency – this group mentorship offer is perfect to keep you consistent, on track and on point with our content audit, engagement & accountability systems and direct support on our bi-weekly live coaching calls.

This ensures that even if “life interferes” (an it does frequently) you have the accountability to get back on track and into the groove quickly and confidently. Plus the support of the group will energise and inspire you over and over again! Read more


Content To Leads 1: 1 Planning Intensive

This is the best place to start working together when you are serious about creating lasting results in your marketing.

In this 1:1 private intensive we will create a content plan that you can use on autopilot, “lather, rinse, repeat” mode, no matter if you are inspired or not at the time, with a full guarantee that your content stays on point with one major goal in mind: making it clear to your readers what you do and who it is for, so the right people feel compelled to raise their hands and sign up with you.

This means your content does all the heavy lifting of selling your offer (so you don’t have to).  Read more

The Ultimate Visibility Kit

If you need a go-to collection of content prompts and ideas – look no further. with this easily printable (or stored on your device) collection of prompts and ideas, your posts are bound to have the right angle to HOOK your readers in.

This is a great place to look for inspirations and ideas, especially if you have done my Content To Leads planning intensive and have specific prompts for creating “handraising” posts  – this kit will give you all the angles for a visiblity kick-start you need. And so much more, including a monthly planner, social networking checklist and even a livestreaming prep sheet!

Or just use it on its own – there is so much more than prompts inside! Read more

Juliette helped us get clarity on our offer while it was still in the idea stage and create content that catapulted us to attracting paying clients within months.
Her coaching is the perfect fit for any business starting out and concerned about getting clients using Facebook.
Kasia Parnell & Agnes Chmielewski

Wellness Advocates

Visibility is all about being seen so others can recognise your true value. For some of us, it is the only way to achieve success, despite what traditional marketing forces upon us… I have discovered a secret to achieving success and satisfaction by “bending” the rules and perceptions and literally putting myself (my own energy and my design) first – learning to lean into a strategy that brings true miracles into my life and creating a business around the passions I simply lose myself in. And it feels REALLY GOOD.

I specialise in mentoring experts and coaches to help them stay consistent and focus on the activities that feel good, yet highly effective in building recognition and success they deserve, which naturally leads to more leads and clients in their business. Very satisfying scenario indeed! So you can finally find peace attracting clients who truly “get you”.

I am the eye that can see your BIGGER VERSION and the guide that can help you remove the unnecessary busy-ness and information overwhelm. In other words, I am the jeweller and my clients are my masterpiece jewels as we align their unique energy and the way they ARE with the way they market your business.

I am here to highlight the vital aspects that can drive you forward, and inspire you to embrace the change as you progress towards your vision, or you can choose to stay where you are today. There is no pressure and the choice is yours.

Is more Recognition and Success what YOU are looking for? If you feel the pull, I am here waiting for you to invite me to guide you. And guidance comes in many forms (you can choose to sample from my “amuse bouche” style tools and masterclasses or get the full taste of my superpowers inside my mastermind-style community… 

Together we can discover the way you can magnetise and attract clients without extra effort that only cause burnout, frustration, anger or bitterness.

My business and my role is to connect you to the strategies, tools and mindset, sometimes unique to YOU and your way of living, to add more EASE to your business and your life.

Specially designed for action-driven coaches & experts

Rock Your Facebook Lives

essential live video checklist

Learn, prepare and show up confidently!

  • How to make sure your viewers know who you are and what you are about
  • How to 10x comments on your videos
  • How to start, deliver the goods and end your videos
  • Helpful tips about your equipment

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Getting RESULTS:

Years of Experience Working With online Visibility & Marketing

Successful Entrepreneurs Interviewed On My Shows

Clients & Registered students across paid programs & trainings

Collected revenue by clients I've worked with in the last year

In the first 5 months working with Juliette, I built a Facebook group of just under 3500 members, expanded my client base globally, and sold out an introductory online Masterclass event generating over $10K in revenue on my first ever launch.
Julie Zanforlin

Transformational Energy Coach

"After struggling for results with other coaches, I closed 2 high-ticket clients within 2 weeks using Juliette's strategies. But that's not all. She helped me develop a custom strategy that now provides constant, targeted leads. She has this incredible ability of shifting the focus to exactly where it needs to be to pull results. When I was stuck, she slowed down and provided step-by-step processes to move me forward. I don't even have the appropriate words to convey how incredibly valuable Juliette's help has been. What she gave me, will sustain and grow my business forever."

Lynn Silva

MicroVideos Online

"Working with Juliette has given me clarity in my positioning and direction in terms of my visibility journey, but most importantly, she has given me the special gift of validating what I already knew about myself and was hesitant to embrace. She does that with such simplicity, but in a way that is genuine and instantly resonated with me.

Juliette offers great value all around, from the video challenge to the bootcamp, in her group and in private coaching. I recommend Juliette to anyone who want to start on their visibility journey feeling confident about what they offer and how to go about it."

Marcia Teperman

Self-Leadership Mentor, Author, Speaker

"Visibility That Sells Accelerator has been a constant support in helping me keep moving forward as I grow and shift my business.

I’ve already surpassed my personal income in the last 4 months than I made all of last year! I have some retainer clients that also provide consistent, reliable income because–after working with Juliette– I’ve really stepped into believing my worth EVEN MORE and the value of my services."

Davina Nichols

Visual Brand Strategist

"Using Juliette's system I attracted two project clients in one week by building relationships and following Juliette's strategies. I am now at the full capacity in my business hitting that scary huge monthly goal."

Tammy Lloyd

Financial Advisor, Tammy LLoyd Bookkeeping

"Juliette's mentoring has been massively influencial in my business growth using Facebook to connect with potential clients. Her 5x5x5 VISIBILITY THAT SELLS daily action plan is has been very powerful in growing my audience and filling my schedule with more clients"

Wil Carlos

Expert Energy Clearing Coach, Spiritual Clarity

"We have been working with Juliette on our online presence since 2013. We have built a solid Social media presence that not only drives traffic to our website, it drives sales both online and over the phone. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most boutiques were forced to close, our live video strategy kept building relationships with our clients on Facebook, reaching over 1million views weekly and bringing consistent sales into our business, with our normal phone/online sales increasing exponentially and generated over €1.5M in revenue over just 6 months since the lockdown in March 2020."

Marian McKenna

Founder & CEO, La Creme Boutique / LC2 Boutique, Ireland